why not handmaid's?

HANDMAID'S TALE: THE MUSICAL, a comical and cathartic parody of the Margaret Atwood novel and Hulu original series. Set in 2028 Brooklyn, the show depicts modern millennials in a dystopian near future and the phoneless perils they endure. 

Book & Lyrics by Marcia Belsky and Melissa Stokoski
Arranged and Accompanied by Fernanda Douglas

Weds 11/7 at the cutting room on 32nd (new york comedy festival) - click for tickets


Marcia Belsky (Offred)
Melissa Stokoski (Rory Gilmore)

Sophie Santos (Moira)
Eudora Peterson (Aunt Betsy DeVos)
Drew Anderson (Extremely Hot Nick)
Farah Brook (Serena Joy)
Tim Platt (Commander Fred)
Karolena Theresa (Jax/OfJax)
Arti Gollapudi (Janine the One Eyed Bitch)
Isabel Martin Jr. (Gavroche)

“From the fertile brains of Marcia Belsky and Melissa Stokoski… catch it while you can.” - New York Times

“It was the most fun I’ve had on a Thursday night.” - Bust Magazine