marcia talking 'headless women' and 'free the mind' on guys we fucked with corinne fisher and krystyna hutchinson

An interview with comedian marcia belsky of the feminist comedy duo "Free the Mind"


Three girls have incredible adventures in the most exciting city in the world... mostly on their couch. Check out Couch House at the 11th annual New York Television Festival


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CREEP, a monthly standup comedy show. Hosted by Mike Abrusci, Marcia Belsky & Tynan DeLong. Over the Eight. Every 4th Tuesday. 594 Union Ave. FREE. 

Sarge - Marcia Belsky (@MarciaBelsky) Linda - Blair Socci (@blairsocci) Gail - Farah Brook (@farahbrook) Director/Editor - Tynan DeLong (@TynanDeLong) Director of Photography - Vasia Ivanov

Marcia Belsky, a comedian from OK, now living in Portland, discusses ups and downs of being a female comedian and working in OK.

Thomas Giglio and Marcia Belsky join to discuss cocaine, Anne Coulter, and sexual domination. Myka Fox is a comedian and provocateur raised in an artificial oasis in AZ. Each show this desert Jew trash brings in members of her carefully cultivated social circle to discuss the best and worst things that happened to them that week.

Michael Khalili joins us to make sure that smart, opinionated, and about to be drunk-as-fuck Marcia Belsky doesn't attack host Keith Malley. Keith and Marcia discuss her move 2 years ago from Tulsa, Oklahoma to NYC, alcohol abuse and drinking culture, her coke addiction at age 15, her political family and Jeopardy Champion mother, opinionated women and unconscious sexism and racism

CREEP, a monthly standup comedy show. Hosted by Mike Abrusci, Marcia Belsky & Tynan DeLong March 24th. 8PM. Over the Eight. 594 Union Ave. Free. Shot by Vasia Ivanov. Edited and Directed by Tynan DeLong.

The spice is RIGHT! Marcia Belsky eats a pepper and reads entertainment news. What's so hard to understand about that?